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Antigravity YTX-12 360CCA Lithium Battery



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This YTX12-12 is our 12-cell version that comes in the OEM YTX12 Case format. It has 360 Cranking Amps and is a direct replacement for the standard YTX12 Lead/Acid Battery. This Battery is about 70 % lighter than the stock Lead/Acid YTX 12 while providing about 100 more Cranking Amps for much better, quicker starting.

If you have any modifications or desire more power and more capacity you should opt for the Antigravity YTX12-16 or YTX12-20.Best uses:Excellent of everyday use in bikes up to 1200ccExcellent for direct replacement for stock bikes using the YTX12 Lead/Acid BatteryExcellent for use in Race Cars of all types including V6 motors

AGYTX12-12 Technical Details

360 Cranking Amps12Ah (Pb Eq)Dimensions and WeightMETRIC SIZE:150mm Length x 87mm Depth x 130mm HeightMETRIC WEIGHT = 1.36kg

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Weight 606592182 kg


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